Stephen Hiam.









Here is a link to a recent interview with the LA DOZE collective, it gives you an insight to my work process, thoughts and methods –


Born: London 1973.
1984. Lost my virginity to Graffiti.
1990. Arrested and charged with criminal damage.
1991. Chelsea College of Art and Design. BTEC National Diploma Art and Design.

Moved into high end graphic design.

1992 – 1994. 3D Artist. Digital Pictures, Soho London.
1994 – 1997. Lead Special Effects Flame Artist, Red post production. Soho London.
1997 – 1999. Freelance Special Effects Flame Artist, London / Europe.
1998 – Awards: MTV Best Special Effects Madonna’s Frozen music video.
1999 – 2000. World Travel.

Moved into Directing.

QD Productions, London. Music Video Director.
JSA London. International Commercial Director.
2001 Summer. Moved to Berlin.

Online Press.
Art Nouveau Magazine.
Art School Vets.
Creative Face.
Doze Collective.
Fecal Face.
Radio Arty.
Superior Mag.
Wooster Collective.

Real world press.
Der Tagesspiegel.
TIP Magazine Berlin.

Artist Shows and Exhibitions.

December 2012.
“The Last Art SHow on Earth” Curated by Marc Scherer of ATM Gallery Berlin.

December 2012.
Art in the Bath. Curated by Guillaume Trotin of Open Walls Gallery Berlin.

In production –
The Chimera Project in Budapest. Due late 2012.

Sept 2012.
Galarie Autonomica – Group show Berlin.

Sept 2012.
Stroke Berlin.

June 2012.
Fesch Markt. Vienna.

May 2012.
Stoke Urban Art Fair Munich.

Febuary 2012.
Salon Schwarzenberg @ Neurotitan Gallery Berlin.

October 2011.
STROKE Urban Art Fair Berlin.
ATM Gallery Berlin.

Sept 2011.
“Grand Opening” – group show.
EMESS, JUST, SPY, Stephen Hiam AKA STiNK !
ATM Gallery Berlin.

August 2011.
In Black & White” – group exhibition.
Two Window Project Berlin.

June 2011.
Anthony Lister
The Berlin Experiment“, assisting Artist to Anthony Lister.
Project Room curated by Jaybo Monk. Berlin

June 2011.
Plan B” – group exhibition.
Ernesto Canovas, EMESS, Shepard Fairey, Stephen Hiam aka STiNK !
Two Window Project Berlin.

April 2011.
Alone Together
Two person show wtih Ingrid Simons and Stephen Hiam aka STiNK !
Two Window Project Berlin.

March 2011.
WANTED” – group exhibition.
Janine Bean Gallery Berlin / Two Window Project.

December 2010.
“Schwarz Weiss” – group exhibition.
Kubackis Gallery Berlin.

November 2010.
Schöneberg Gallery and Studio Open day.
7 galleries and 20 studios in Schöneberg open their doors to the public.

June 2010.
Boxers & Fighters” – group exhibition.
Two Window Project Berlin.

March 2010.
Stephen Hiam AKA STiNK ! and Superblast – two person show.
Two Window Project Berlin.

January 2010.
The Fallen” solo exhibition, Two Window Project Berlin.

December 2009.
“Winter Salon” – group exhibition.
Kubackis Gallery Berlin.


“SIN” 2010 for Katinka Van Gransken.
“Desire” 2010 for Claudio Andreatta.
“Crazy Dick and Lady Jane” 2010 for Michaela Bast.
“Line” 2011 for Seiji McCarthy and Kristina Leipold.

Current gallery representations.
Andenken Gallery Amsterdam.
ATM Gallery Berlin.